aboutElectronic Tool for Creative People

The PRO-jector has been developed for the most creative phase of the design process. Derived from an idea for a desk lamp, the PRO-jector has become an interactive projector for creative group work. It tackles all the challenges as your little friend that helps you through the, with information loaded, world.

Its innovative laser projection engine featuring a LCOS microdisplay can produce big images full of brightness and contrast at small projection distances. Combined with the PRO-jector stylus you can brainstorm, create ideas, share and exchange them while leaving your computer or laptop at home. Whether at the office or still on the way, the PRO-jector is where you need it due to its very compact size.

The PRO-jector will shine a light on you work and put it in the spotlight where it belongs
Client: Private
Category: Product Design / Diploma Project
Year: 2009/10