aboutA study on handling cheese graters

I love cheese. Seriously, I do!
A flatmate of mine from London pointed out how stupidly cheese graters are built.
He was referring to the fact that it was almost impossible to hold ordinary cheese graters in a way it is comfortable and so that you don‘t accidentally cut yourself or leave behind a big mess of wasted cheese.
Is this the reason why we can by already grated cheese at the supermarket? I took the chance to investigate in the matter.

My self experiments came to this conclusion:
A few of the eight tested cheese graters had significant flaws. Others would only need a hint of improvement to make them work ecxellent.
And grate yourselves some cheese, please!

Client: myself
By: Stefanie Hödlmoser Layout: Marilena Finotti, Paul Scherübl
Year: 2011