aboutExperiment with new technologies

Every city has a structure, a rhythm and a code that it is built on. So does Graz. Recently as it has earned the title of "Unesco City of Design" the code of Graz has become more and more important. Not only for it's residents but also for people from abroad who'd like to get to know it. For this reason the CIS (Creative Industries Styria) launched a poster competition. In it this code that makes Graz unique should be transported. But the project evolved from a pure graphic design experiment to a product design case study.
The outcome is as much a design piece, a social sudy on graz an our perception of it.
A sculpture with objects found all over Graz was built, scanned in with a 3d scanner, modified digitally and 3d printed in ceramics.
A journey from analog to digital and all the way back.
Client: CIS
Category: Graphic design/ Art/ Product design
Year: 2011