aboutDr. Danninger and his wife where looking for a solution to their paper-sheet problem. In their ENT medical office in Kalsdorf, Austria, they had lots of single sheets of paper with more or less important information hanging at the walls of the space. What is more they needed a good wayfinding system to help their patients find the rooms they are looking for.

Therefore I developed 3 big Illustrations (one for each: throat, nose, ears) inspired by “Wimmelbilder” or busy pictures that would keep the observer occupied for a while until everything has been spotted. Together with annotations of the elements (interesting facts or helpful tips) the 3 big illustrations fill the 3 (until now empty) walls of the office.
The rest of the office walls where used to integrate the important information that has been filtered out of the paper sheet disaster.
Client: Dr. Danninger
Category: Graphic Design
Year: 2015/16