aboutCooperation with Feichtinger for a new kind of engagement jewellery. Feichtinger is Austria's market leader for wedding rings. Their range covers all sorts of conventional engagement and wedding rings. Nevertheless they are always looking for something unexpected and constantly try to discover new and contemporary ways of jewellery. In the course of a project we came together to search for new ways of engagement jewellery (besides the ring). What is more at the same time they wanted to extend their line to include other forms of partnership than heterosexual couples.
The current outcome: 3 final jewellery pieces that are all made in 14 carat white gold - and one has a real diamond with 0.21 carat.
Client: Feichtinger Schmuckmanufaktur
Category: Product Design
Photography: Alexander Rauch Photography
Year: 2014/15
schmuckmjuschmuck 02schmuck 03