aboutProviding Sustainable Transportation

The aim of this group project together with Ulf Kühnapfel and Joris Zebinger for Magna Steyr Graz was to create a future concept for a sustainable vehicle under the aspects of lightweight and emotion.
The Renault Taxi Concept dashes thorough the dense City traffic of 2025’s Mega cities. With it’s narrow form it is amazingly agile. It disburdens the Environment of unneeded cars in the city that gives home to 75% of the world’s population.
There is space for one Passenger (if needed also 2) and Baggage (200 litre), just like the average taxi-drive requires it. Even as a normal car for environmental conscious people it looks pretty good and makes you want to drive it.


Client: Magna Steyr Graz
Category: Product Design
By: Joris Zebinger, Ulf Kühnapfel, Stefanie Hödlmoser
Year: 2009